About Access

The Ginsburg Center works with Student Academic Resource Center (SARC) and  Knights Major Exploration and Transition Center (KMETC), to coordinate and execute the Summer Bridge Access Program. These offices work together to promote student success and persistence for the Access Program, which proudly boasts a 97–100% retention rate yearly.

The University of Central Florida will be offering the Access 2024 Summer Program in a face-to-face modality   This means that all components of the Access Program will be held in person on the main UCF campus. There will be no option to participate in the Access Program virtually.

The Access Student:

Students chosen for the UCF Access Program are selected by Undergraduate Admissions. Selection is made based upon many factors including a student’s academic credentials and quality of courses taken in high school. Undergraduate Admissions believes students selected for the Access Program have demonstrated the ability to succeed at UCF when given the opportunity to receive holistic academic and personal support.

Program Components:

Access students’ continued enrollment for the Fall 2024 semester is contingent upon their successful completion of the Access Program. To advance to the Fall semester, students must:

  1. Complete two college-level courses (six credit hours) with a grade point average of a 2.5 or higher
  2. Student must have less than 3.5 absences in order to move forward to Fall 2024.
  3. Participate in ALL Access Program academic support activities
  4. Participate in ALL Required Program Components
  5. Attend an Access Orientation session through First Year Experience
  6. Attend the 2024 Student Success Conference