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Access Program

The Access program seeks to help students transition smoothly to UCF by learning about the resources and academic support necessary to succeed.

Access students' continued enrollment for the Fall 2018 term is contingent upon their successful completion of the Access Program. In order to advance to the fall term, students must:

  1. Complete two college-level courses (six credit hours) with a grade of C or better in each course, and

  2. Participate in ALL Access Program academic support activities.

UCF Freshman Orientation

All Access Program participants must attend the same UCF Freshman two-day Orientation Program on June 18th and June 19th. Since the Access orientation does not follow the standard orientation schedule, this particular orientation is mandatory. Please register for Orientation at


Summer Classes

All students will take two summer courses that will count toward general education and elective requirements within their UCF degree programs. For the summer term classes will meet for four (4) days a week, Monday through Thursday, for an hour and fifty minutes. *Please note that students cannot select their summer classes; courses are chosen by the advising team based on the students’ test scores, dual enrollment and transfer credits.

Access students will be pre-registered for their two Summer B classes prior to arriving to orientation. Students will receive their class schedule at Orientation. All students will be enrolled in SLS 1501 (Strategies for Success in College) and one general education course. Examples of past General Education courses include:

  • POS 2041 – American National Government
  • PSY 2012 – General Psychology
  • PHI 2010 – Philosophy

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Each general education course option available to Access Program students for the Summer B term will have an academic support component tied directly to it in the form of a Supplemental Instruction (SI). SI sessions are usually 50 minutes long and are led by a UCF student who has previously taken the course and earned a grade of A.

These sessions allow students to compare notes, discuss important concepts, develop strategies for studying, and test their knowledge with peers before the professor does so in class.


Academic Advising

All Access students will receive individual academic advising during their freshman year through the office of First Year Advising and Exploration(FYAE). During the Summer B term, students will be assigned to a specific FYAE professional advisor with whom they will communicate regularly throughout the program. These advisors will discuss each student's academic progress with them, answer any questions students may have, and assist students with future academic planning.


Academic Coaching

A unique component of the Access Program is Academic Coaching. Each Access student will be matched with an Academic Coach with whom they will meet face-to-face during the Summer term with the option to continue in the Fall. This coaching program offers a structured, collaborative approach to support the academic progress and success of students at the university.

Students will meet with Academic Coaches in small group sessions twice during their SLS 1501 course. Additionally, Academic Coaches will provide individualized guidance and ongoing feedback in one-on-one meetings with students to discuss their academic progress, study habits and skills, as well as time management and organizational skills. Coaches will assist students in assessing their strengths as well as areas for growth, then assist in developing academic strategies personalized to the student’s classes and learning style. In sessions, coaches will also help students stay on track and accountable for their academic progress and success at the university


Peer Mentoring

A unique component of the Access Program is Peer Mentoring. Each Access student will be matched with a Peer Mentor. Peer Mentors will support students with meeting college expectations and transitioning to college. Students are expected to meet bi-weekly during the Summer term. This mentoring program offers a structured and collaborative approach to support the academic progress and personal success of students.

Peer Mentors will provide individualized guidance, and ongoing feedback as they meet with students to discuss their college goals, academic progress, campus resources, financial literacy, and their overall transition to the university.

Access CREED Seminars

CREED Seminars introduce students to a wide range of services students can use to encourage their personal, academic and professional success. Additionally, it will provide students with an opportunity to participate in interactive activities that intentionally build community among students.

Access Closing Celebration

Parents and families are invited to the Access Programs Closing Celebration the last week of classes. This event celebrates student persistence, learning, and achievement in completing the six-week Summer Bridge Program. More details coming soon.

Students are also required to complete an Access student survey online towards the end of the summer term.

Finally, students may be required to participate in additional academic support activities, such as Academic Coaching, during the summer B term; this is contingent upon each student's progress in their courses. Grades for both summer courses will be checked periodically throughout summer. If a student is reported as having a grade of C or lower then additional summer programming may be required — students will be notified via email of any additional requirements.