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Access Programs

The Access Program is an alternative admission program to help students make a smooth transition from high school to the university environment and build a strong foundation for academic success. Students who participate in this high school-to-college summer bridge program will be required to follow a rigorous schedule during the 6-week summer B semester, which includes taking 2 classes, participating in academic support activities and advising sessions, building leadership skills, and attending weekly seminars and peer mentoring.

The Access Programs are a collaboration between the offices of the Student Academic Resource Center (SARC), Multicultural Academic and Support Services (MASS), and First Year Advising and Exploration (FYAE) that brought together under one umbrella the Seizing Opportunities for Achievement and Retention (SOAR) and Pegasus Success Programs. Prior to 2011, SOAR and the Pegasus Success Program were independent of each other. Bringing the programs together and including FYAE provided increased support and improved programming: the Access Program has a 99% retention rate.

Pegasus Success Program

The Pegasus Success Program seeks to help students bridge the gap between the life they had in high school and the life that stands before them as a UCF college student. The components of the program have been designed to act like the supporting structure that holds a student's bridge up and makes it strong; think of them as the steel beams, concrete, bolts, and screws.

SOAR Program

Since 1980, Multicultural Academic and Support Services (MASS) has sponsored the Seizing Opportunities for Achievement and Retention (SOAR) program. UCF offers selective admission and academic support services to a select group of first-time-in-college students who demonstrate an academic need that can be met by the program.

UCF Freshman Orientation

All Access Program participants must attend the same UCF Freshman two-day Orientation Program on June 19th and June 20th. Since the Access orientation does not follow the standard orientation schedule, this particular orientation is mandatory. Please register for Orientation at


Summer Classes

All students will take two summer courses that will count toward general education and elective requirements within their UCF degree programs. For the summer term classes will meet for four (4) days a week, Monday through Thursday, for an hour and fifty minutes. The only exception are online sections, which do not meet in person. Students may be enrolled in one online class (with the other class being a traditional lecture that meets on campus). *Please note that students cannot select their summer classes; courses are chosen by the advising team based on the studentsí test scores, transfer credits and responses on the Academic History Questionnaire.

Access students will be pre-registered for their two Summer B classes prior to arriving to orientation. Students will receive their class schedule at Orientation. All students will be enrolled in SLS 1501 (Strategies for Success in College) and one of these general education courses:

  • ANT 2511 – Human Species
  • POS 2041 – American National Government
  • PSY 2012 – General Psychology
  • PHI 2010 – Philosophy

However, if students are bringing in dual enrollment credit for SLS1501 or an equivalent, they will be required to enroll in two general education classes due to the Excess Hours clause. Please visit for more information.


Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Each general education course option available to Access Program students for the Summer B term will have an academic support component tied directly to it in the form of a Supplemental Instruction (SI). SI sessions are usually 50 minutes long and are led by a UCF student who has previously taken the course and earned a grade of A.

These sessions allow students to compare notes, discuss important concepts, develop strategies for studying, and test their knowledge with peers before the professor does so in class.


Academic Advising

All Access students will receive individual academic advising during their freshman year through the office of First Year Advising and Exploration (FYAE). During the Summer B term, students will be assigned to a specific FYAE professional advisor with whom they will communicate regularly throughout the program through face-to-face advising appointments and email.

These advisors will discuss each student's academic progress with them, answer any questions students may have, and assist students with future academic planning.


Peer Mentoring

A unique component of the Access Program is Peer Mentoring through the Student Academic Resource Center (SARC). Each Access student will be matched with a Peer Mentor with whom they will meet face-to-face over the course of the Summer term with the option to continue in the Fall. This mentoring program offers a structured, collaborative approach to support the academic progress and success of students.

Peer Mentors will provide individualized guidance, and ongoing feedback as they meet with students to discuss their academic progress, effective study habits and skills, and their overall transition to the university.

Access CREED Seminars

CREED Seminars introduce students to a wide range of services students can use to encourage their personal, academic and professional success. Additionally, it will provide students with an opportunity to participate in interactive activities that intentionally build community among students.

Access Closing Celebration

Parents and families are invited to the Access Programs Closing Ceremony on Thursday, August 3. The Closing Ceremony celebrates student persistence, learning, and achievement in completing the six-week Summer Bridge Program.

August 3, 2017
Check-in- 4:45-5:15pm
Event time- 5:30-7:00pm
Student Union Pegasus Ballroom
Recommended Attire- Business Casual
Attendance is required


Workshops and Campus Activities

A wide offering of workshops and campus events are available to students throughout the year. While participation in these workshops and events is not a requirement of the Pegasus or SOAR programs, students are encouraged to attend these workshops and campus events over the course of their freshman year in order to continue building successful habits and study skills.

Workshops are designed to provide students with academic support and/or information regarding how to be a well-rounded UCF student. Some workshop topics have included: Time Management, Classroom and Email Etiquette, Goal Setting, Academic Organization, and Test Taking Strategies.

Campus events will provide the opportunity for students to connect on a social level and cultivate their pride as a UCF Knight. Many campus events are associated with the Learning and Interacting with New Knights (LINK) program.