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Access Programs
Important Dates
Orientation June 19th and June 20th
First Day of Classes June 26th
Closing Celebration August 3rd

Preparing for my Access Program

Congratulations on your invitation to the Access 2017 program! Please review the video above as well as the other pages of this site to learn more about the program, what to expect and what to do in preparation. For your convenience, we have provided a checklist with deadlines just below as a summary of your next steps as a new Access student. If you have any questions along the way please do not hesitate to contact us using the online Contact Form.

  1. Accept Your Offer: Accept your place in the 2017-2018 Pegasus Success or SOAR Program by May 1, 2017 online at > Student Self Service > Undergraduate Admissions

  2. Submit your FAFSA: You can complete the FAFSA form using estimated tax information if you or your parents’ taxes have not been filed. The FAFSA can be completed online at Complete the FAFSA for 2016-2017 and 2017-2018. UCF's school code is 003954.

    Quick Tips

    • Monitor your To Do List on myUCF
    • Check your Knights email daily
    • Submit any requested documents in a timely manner
  3. Submit Access Student Forms:

    • Complete the Academic History Questionnaire
    • Read Access Student Attendance Policy
    • Complete and Submit Student Contract
    • If living on campus: Complete and Submit Housing Agreement

    You can access these below.

    *Please note: To be fully accepted into the program and registered for classes the Contract must be completed.

  4. Submit Enrollment Deposit (Form + $200): Submit Enrollment Deposit form and $200 fee to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. This deposit will be applied to your tuition at the time of enrollment and is non-refundable. If you choose not to attend UCF after submitting the enrollment deposit, please notify the UCF Admissions office and the Access Program Coordinator. Please note that your $200 deposit will be forfeited. Please submit your Enrollment Deposit Form and $200 deposit online through your myUCF account: Student Self Service > Undergraduate Admissions > Application Status.

  5. Register for Orientation: All students in the Pegasus Success and SOAR Programs are required to attend the same mandatory orientation. For 2017 the dates for this orientation are June 19th and 20th. Register online at:

  6. Submit Housing Application: On-Campus housing fills up quickly so students are strongly encouraged to apply for Summer B & Fall housing at the same time. Housing assignments are made on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. Please note that Fall housing is not guaranteed as part of the Pegasus Success Program. Also note that on-campus housing is strongly encouraged but not required. You can apply for housing online at:

  7. Submit Immunization Form: Required of ALL UCF students. Fax completed form to Student Health Services at (407) 823-3135. You can download this form online at:

Academic History Questionnaire (AHQ)

The Academic History Questionnaire (AHQ) is used to help your academic advisor with selecting two general education classes for the six-week Summer B session and to not be placed in two classes that you already have credit. The AHQ will prompt you with questions that will require you to provide us with the following information:

  1. Contact information (which includes your name, UCF ID, Knights E-mail account)
  2. Intended Major
  3. Dual Enrollment credits and/or test scores (AP, IB, CLEP, AICE, DANTES, and Excelsior) in progress or from the 9th to the 12th grade.

Access Student Attendance Policy

The Student Access Attendance Policy gives more detailed information regarding attendance throughout your Access Program. You do not need to sign or return this document but it is expected that you understand it prior to entering your Access Program. Please read the entire Attendance Policy prior to submitting the Student Contract.

Student Contract

The Student Contract is required of every Access Program student and outlines the requirements and expectations of all Access Program. If you have any questions about the form please contact us prior to submitting your completed contract.

Housing Agreement

The Housing Agreement is required of every Access Program student that selects to live in on campus housing while participating in the 6-week Summer Bridge program. This document outlines the standards and expectations of the program and is supplemental to the UCF Department of Housing and Residence Life Agreement.