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Access Program

What is the Access Program?

The Access Program is a six-week academic, on-campus summer program for selected freshman who receive additional academic preparation before attending classes in the fall. Participants in these intensive programs are evaluated solely by UCF's Undergraduate Admissions Office and participation is by invitation only.

Why did I get selected to participate in the Access Program?

Students chosen for the UCF Access Program are selected by the Admissions Committee from a large and competitive applicant pool. Selection is made based upon many factors including a student’s academic credentials and quality of courses taken in high school. The Admissions Committee believes that those students selected for the Access programs have demonstrated the ability to succeed at UCF when given the opportunity to receive the support the Access programs provide. For more information, please contact Undergraduate Admissions Office at or 407-823-3000.

Can I apply to participate in the Access Program?

No, students are not able to apply to participate in the Access Program. 

Are there any additional costs to participate in an Access Program?

No, there are not any additional charges to participate in the Access Program. Students pay the standard costs of attending the university such as tuition, books, housing (if they do not wish to commute), and general living expenses. Student's financial information could qualify them for financial aid that make summer courses as well as housing affordable options. For more information about tuition, financial aid, or housing:

Tuition and Fee Costs

Financial Aid: or 407-823-2827

UCF Housing: or 407-823-4663

What are the benefits of participating in the Access Program?

Students who participate in the Access Program will get a jump start on their UCF experience and gain an edge over other incoming freshman with early access and exposure to campus life and resources. Additional benefits of the program include:

  • The opportunity to gain admission to UCF
  • Earn up to 6 credit hours at UCF before fall semester. The earned 6 hours of college credits will count towards the 9 credit hours for summer enrollment at a Florida state university.
  • Learn study skills to be academically successful
  • Start building relationships with professors, administrators, staff and peer mentors that will create a unique support system
  • Build a network among summer bridge program peers that will develop into lifelong friendships
  • Receive early registration for freshman year

Do I have to live on campus if I participate in the Access Program?

Although students are not required to live on campus, this choice is very strongly recommended by Access Program staff. Benefits of this option include more access to resources and staff, additional peer support, and easy transportation to mandatory Access activities and events. Students who opt to live on campus will be assigned to live with other Access Program students to help enhance your overall academic experience. When applying for on-campus housing through the myUCF portal, be sure to select Summer B housing on the main campus with a Nike/Hercules shared bedroom suite as your first preference. No other housing preferences will be considered for the summer (for the fall semester, if you continue to live on campus, you may choose to live in another housing community and/or with another roommate). Please note that students cannot move in until June 20th, the day after Orientation. For more information please visit

Is the Access Program offered more than once a year?

No, the program is only offered once per year during the 6-week Summer B semester only, from June to August. However, there may be additional requirements for some students in the fall and spring.

Do I have to attend the 2018 orientation on June 18th and June 19th?

Yes, all Access students are required to attend the same orientation. Since the Access orientation does not follow the standard orientation schedule, this particular orientation is mandatory.

* Please note that students cannot move in until June 20th, the day after Orientation. For more information please visit

How many classes will I be taking?

Students will take two courses during the program. For more information about summer classes please visit the Program Components page.

When will I know my Summer B class schedule?

Students will be pre-registered in their Summer B classes in order to secure their seat in the class. Students will receive their complete Access Program schedule, which includes their class schedule, when they attend the 2018 Orientation on June 18th and June 19th.

*Please note that students cannot select their summer classes; courses are chosen by the advising team based on the students’ test scores, dual enrollment and transfer credits. During Day 2 of Orientation students will be able to register for their fall semester with the guidance of an advisor.

What does a typical day look like in the Access Program?

Most week days, Monday-Thursday, involve classes and related activities and events beginning as early as 8:00 AM and ending as late as 6:00 PM. Students may also have Access components between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM on Fridays. There are no weekend events scheduled. Students will receive their complete Access Program schedule when they attend the 2018 Orientation on June 18th and 19th.

Am I able to work while I am in an Access program?

The Access Program includes a very comprehensive and busy schedule. Due to the intensity of the schedule that includes components such as classes, weekly seminars, advising, peer mentoring, academic support, etc. students are discouraged from working while participating in the program when possible. However, if a student must work to support their participation in the program it is possible they could work after 6:00 PM Monday-Thursday, after 5:00 PM on Friday, and on the weekends.

Students will receive their complete Access Program schedule when they attend the 2018 Orientation on June 18th and 19th.

What if I already have a scheduled vacation or other event planned during orientation or the Summer B semester?

Students must commit to the entire program, be on time, and attend daily. Students must meet all of the program requirements, including attendance, in order to be fully admitted and continue at UCF in the fall semester. There are no exceptions.

What is the next step to start preparing for my Access program?

Please review the YouTube video posted on our website here for a full program overview. Once you have made a decision to accept the invitation to participate in the Access Program, please follow the instructions given to you by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as well as complete and submit the documents listed on the “ Preparing for Summer” page.

Who do I contact if I have specific question about my Access Program?

You can submit questions using the " Contact Form". Please allow 3 business days for reply.